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The Holy Trinity: Systems, Automation, Outsourcing

holy trinity of business

I’ve been at it for over a decade now.  Just like all of you knuckleheads, I started at the bottom.  I hand built my own sites (still do!), I wrote my own content (not anymore!), did my own link-building (I’m on dat next level shizz now), and basically had no social life.  I would go [...]

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Fly By Night SEO’s, Grow Up

charlatan seo

You might be a fly-by-night SEO if you find yourself repeating any of the following phrases: Rank and Bank! Churn and Burn! Spray and Pray! Rip and Flip! …and it’s time to grow up.  When you read those phrases, they might sound kind of cool.  They are flashy, short, witty, and make it sound like [...]

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Information Addiction and the Parable of the Arrow

parable of the poison arrow

I’m pretty well connected to the internet marketing world nowadays.  I wake up and check the forums.  At lunch, I take a break and check my RSS feed reader.  And then I check the forums again.  And throughout the entire workday I’m on Skype talking to my elite brethren.  I feel the ebb and flow [...]

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How to Transfer a WordPress Site to a New Server and Domain


There are many occasions where you may need to transfer your WordPress site to a new server and change it’s domain name.  Maybe you purchased a new host or you are just consolidating servers to save some cheddar.  Perhaps you royaly screwed your last domain to pieces and no search engine will even consider indexing [...]

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Block Websites on a Mac in Terminal

terminal on mac

So, I don’t know about you, but I frequent a certain internet marketing forum that likes to trick people into clicking on links that take you to a certain site that is basically inescapable once you click on it. Screw it, I’ll go ahead and tell you.  It takes you to a site one of [...]

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How to Make a Wooden Dry Erase White Board


Let’s not front.  Those big white dry erase boards are fugly.  But unfortunately, there’s not much other choice for those of us in the market.  I even considered getting a chalk board just because I detest a whiteboard that much. But I reconciled my hatred and started looking around online and even going to local [...]

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Personalize Mac OS X’s World Clock Widget

world clock fixed

Today I feel peaceful. It’s raining outside, I’ve made major progress in the past few days, and all is well in the office. I decided I’d have an easy day and clean and organize my workspace and workstation. So, in true dick-off fashion, I started messing around with Mac OS X’s Dashboard, which is a [...]

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Domain Squatting with the “Mann”

domain squatters

Everyone of us in the internet marketing business knows about and most likely has a disgust for the practice of domain squatting.. except domain squatters.  Much like the macro-niche of IM in general, there are just as much snakery and stupidity in the domain business as well. For instance, there’s been times where I’ve conjured [...]

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